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In The Series Edit

Abigail was first met in southern Germany, where she flew down from the sky and crashed into the ground in a spectacular fashion. Later, she reappeared in the North Atlantic Ocean, where she attacked an aircraft carrier, claiming to be looking for an Arume Princess. She was knocked from the deck of the aircraft carrier by a well-placed shell from an escort destroyers' main gun.

Personality Edit

Abigail has a smug attitude and is always looking down on everything that isn't her. She can also be stubborn and narrow-minded. However, she can also be forgiving and polite, especially to anyone who isn't directly her enemy.

Appearance Edit

Abigail has long, light-brown hair, with blonde highlights, as well as brown eyes, and large wings that have a metallic shine to them. She dresses in skimpy, black, white, and red armour.