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Background Edit

Alyona grew up with her brothers, Vladimir, Vladim, and Vladislav, in Russia. The group of siblings joined the Resistance as a tank crew when the war broke out. Alyona was the tank's gunner.

In The Series Edit

Alyona was first met when she arrived at South Carolina as part of a T-90 tank crew, along with Vladimir, Vladislav, Vladim. She and her brothers partook in a few missions with the South Carolina group during her time there. She was selected, along with her brothers, to join Faith on her travels to Europe.

Personality Edit

Alyona is quiet most of the time, but she can become easily frustrated. Furthermore, she tends to open up more with people she gets to know. She's always giving her brothers a hard time, but only because she really cares for them.

Appearance Edit

Alyona is very short, standing at a measly 5'4". She has white hair and light-brown eyes, she can usually be found in her beige military uniform with a brown skirt because it's "comfortable".