Background Edit

The main Armorer at the Arume Base ABS-1 and elder sister to Kate Taro. Though this is simply a title for her. From that position she also acts as a arms researcher who alongside Stacy and Aiko studies new ways to best human resistance in the area.

Personality Edit

Anna is what you may expect from one of her position. Overconfident and prideful due to her many successes and knowledge of both Arume and Human arms and technology.

While respectful to others she constantly fails to keep it up once she gets to better know others. If one messes up or fails she'd rather giggle and watch though she'd try to hold it back and help there after.

If asked she's actually quite indifferent on current events. Anna's fixation will remain on arms and technology regardless if she's on either side. While rarely in actual combat, this shows by her sadistic tendency of enjoying her weapons in use. Blood-spray, explosions, and fast paced action exhilarates her and if taken away she'd quickly just return to fiddling with weaponry alone.

Appearance Edit

Anna is an young Arume of rather average body type for her homeworld. She's slim with medium sized breasts and undefined muscles. Her hair is a light blonde with pinkish-red highlights. On her head is a self-made comms set that has various features. Her outfit consists of all black casual wear. Around her neck is a scarf with white markings. On her torso the only thing she wears is a simple jacket with a combat skirt that covers her lower backside. Below the belt is an oddly designed skirt that covers black and red tights.