What a mess...

Janitor The page Antarctica Rp is lacking on quality. Expect some changes

Take the role of a civilian stuck in Antarctica during an all-out war between superpowers.

Antarctica RP is, to an extent a proyect still in production, expect changes (if i decide to get shit done for once)


At first Antarctica Rp started as a meme, since not many people were hosting at the time, in the channel of timings.

"You'll be stuck in Antarctica and have to eat shit and tame wolfs for survival"
— Colobo, having no clue what Antarctica even is

Although it was a meme (and God, it should have remained like that) soon threads about Antarctica Rp would appear in 4chan's /bant/ Colobo, having no clue how to host starts to just pull off paragraphs (there were like only 4 players) Tired of having to kill his mind on paragraphs decides to host his creation in discord, although the 4chan hosts still remain.

Why am I doing this to myself.