Background Edit

Asuka grow up in an Arume foster home, as most kids do. She joined the military at a young age along with her sisters. Most Arume with no skills in anything usually join the military, according to asuka she joined because she "had nothing else".

Her story starts when she and some other Arume were transporting a resistance prisoner, Arthas Menethil. Arthas manages to pick the lock in the hand cuffs by a shard of metal that was inside of his arm, and he then takes asuka hostage and uses her to escape. Asuka many times tries to kill Arthas and hurt him, but Arthas was kind to her, and she eventually stopped trying to kill him, then it evolved into a romantic relationship. Since then Asuka joined the resistance, but only because Arthas was in the resistance, but eventually the resistance grew on Asuka. She now works as a nurse instead of a soldier, and she is now pregnant with a half human baby.

Appearance Edit

Asuka has long jet black hair, and bright red eyes. She has a slim body, until she became pregnant, and an average breast size. She usually wears a nurse outfit now that she woks as a nurse, but when she's not working she wears a variety of clothes, and enjoys trying different styles and outfits, probably due to her military upbringing where everyone wore the same clothes.

Personality Edit

Asuka's personality has changed throughout the story, before she meets Arthas she is a very hard, and angry woman, like most Arume soldiers are. When she meets and gets close with Arthas, she develops an unhealthy obsession with him, but she also develops a more caring and loving personality for him. As the story progresses she loses her yandere tendencies, and instead becomes more happy and motherly. Probably due to her giving up being a soldier, and also becoming pregnant.