Background Edit

Bill is a Vietnam war veteran, he was green beret so he is very skilled in warfare. He occasionally trains resistance soldiers here and there, but is getting too old for it. He first appears in season 1 of Noobverse. Jeremy finds him in an old army surplus store, bill lived there and gave Jeremy weapons and training when he visited him. One day bill's store was attacked by the Arume, and he barely survives, but thanks to Jeremy and toucan he was rescued. After that he he became a part of the resistance.

Appearance Edit

Bill has a very mean face, and manages to always look angry. He has a full head of white hair, and is slim. He usually wears some sort of shirt, with a some sort of old jacket over it, and brown pants.

Personality Edit

Bill is very quiet and keeps to himself mostly, but he does care about the younger soldiers and tries to show them the ways of warfare from time to time. He always has a hard exterior no matter what, unless he gets to know you.