Background Edit

The head honcho. The mind behind the main Arume actions on the South-East Coast. At this point not much is know about her.

Personality Edit

As seen first hand by James Bowie; Chinami is a strict Arume who wields her power without a second thought. Refined by her numerous years in service commanding both Arume and Humans alike her disposition comes off as one of a fair but passionate individual. Her tone remains solid and her posture always remains steadfast. She could be described as too loyal to her cause and that causes Her mind remains unclouded by doubts or second thoughts against her actions.

Notably she,due to recent events, has become more quick to anger when dealing with humans and Arume alike she sees below her, threatening most with punishments and demotions if they do not follow her words precisely as she says.

In her own words she is incapable of honest an true friendships, and the only one closest to one she has is dismissed as odd due to Yono's overbearing bluntness. Her opinion's on humans is more peaceful than others. Throwing aside the common ideas of conversion or outright killing the native population Chinami elects to hinder human ideals from the start. Through her efforts, from birth human children are taught Arume ways and are cut off from pre-invasion teachings.

Appearance Edit

Chinami, by Arume and some human standards, is intimating at first glance. Standing at exactly six feet tall without her boots she stands tall over most Arume. From head to toe she is beautiful individual with a bountiful physique.

Her apparel is a mix of dark grays and red. Most of it made custom uniform made of an unknown material.