Background Edit

Chiyako was a royal guard to the Arume empress, Hinata. When the royal family fell, many loyalists including her wandered around looking for jobs in which their skills could come in useful. She and many of her comrades ended up in Spring valley, this is where Jim Black recognized her since he lived at one of the palaces at one point. She and Jim spent some time together at the resistance but eventually left and formed her own gang at Spring valley. The resistance wasn't a place for her, she doesn't really care about most humans.

Appearance Edit

Chiyako has brown hair that she keeps in a ponytail, to keep it out of the way when fighting. She wears denim shorts, an olive tank top, and black boots since it's very hot in Texas. For accessories she has black fingerless gloves, and two gun holsters that go over her shoulders which place the pistols on either side of her torso. She has a slight tan from working in the sun so much.

She is very fit which makes her body very appealing to men, she'll use this as a tactical advantage in a fight. Strong legs, a rounded rear, slim waist, and an above average breast size. She has a tattoo on her right shoulder which goes down to her elbow. She got it when she got accepted into the royal guard, and the tattoo is a stylized symbol of the royal branch of the arume empire.

Personality Edit

Chiyako's usually laid back and relaxed. She has a hard, and assertive social presence and may come off as rude to certain people. She loves to banter back and forth with people and doesn't take anything too seriously. She likes people that aren't too serious and can take jokes, but despises people who are weak and can't stand up for themselves. if you get mad about something or something bothers you don't be surprised if Chiyako uses it to get a reaction out of you, it's all entertainment for her. Her worldview is the same as her personality, laid back and just accepts things as they are. The royals have been defeated and she's accepted that and fights for herself now. But she still has her own preferences for where the arume should go next and if given the opportunity she will use it to steer the arume in the right direction.