Background Edit

The younger of the Weiss Brothers. Born in South Carolina in 1988 to a military family, one could say he was born to raise a rifle.

Not much is known about him due to his job keeping him too occupied to answer questions.

Personality Edit

Cole is a living breathing cliche. A man focused on nothing other than his job and will do anything to achieve his the book.

Always spitting out orders one may find him as a bit of a hardass. Though, this isn't because he wants to, but beacuse he wants his men in top shape for any occasion.

Cole is seen with his brother and Mike frequently, cleaning up the messes the two makes whenever the two are with each other.

Appearance Edit

Cole is an average all-american male. Brown hair, five o clock shadow, and eyes and of average height. His physique is muscular and rugged.

In combat he wears the standard pre-invasion military outfit that belonged to his father.