Background Edit

Son of John Houston, a renowned engineer that created a way of creating weapons for the arume without the need of resources, but via a cloning machine. But nothing else is know about his past, for now.

He would meet John Snow and Christine inside a closet, and soon request them to stop the noise of drums, which would end up being Debonaire's soldiers playing them in reward of a map.

He would be seen again, trying to save John and Christine from a Kidnapper's trap, just to get unconscious by the kidnapper and get covered in cow blood to fake his death. When he recovered his senses he would reward John snow for helping him out with the noise, afterwards he would leave the house just to get shot by a communist platoon, killing him.

Appareance Edit

Dell Houston wears a Hard hat, dark toned eye goggles that cover his eyes, an overall and a construccion glove in his right hand that has an orange tone and gray line always, just to be ‘ready any time, all the times’ as he likes to say.

Personality Edit

Most of the time he’s going to be a friendly fellow to any newcomer, when there’s nothing interesting going on, he can be found playing some banjo and drinking some beer.