Background Edit

Gyro was born in Italy in a family that had a long history of working as chefs. His father would teach him the ways of pizzas and cheese but he would inclinate to Spaghettis. In one occasion he made empanadas to the King which he would answer with total disgust for giving him spic food in disguise and he would get exiled to Mexico where he would get in many occasions himself in trouble.

In his need for surviving in the desert of Mexico he tried to sell empanadas, however most of them got stolen or just ignored. Frustated by not being accepted his cousine he would have the idea of going to America, but without passport or any kind of documents to pass the border he would risk his life to go through the border, he in his desperation to escape from border police Gyro tried to hide in a trashcan just to be kicked out by a man called Trujillo, Which he would be sort of a dick to Gyro at first until the border police was drawing closer.

Both of them needed to not get caught since Trujillo was also a spic in need, so in desperation they tried both hide in the trashcan like complete autists, the police would find them and taze Trujillo, and instead of running away Gyro uses the body of Trujillo to fight back the officers which they both get knocked out by luck. Gyro seeing that Trujillo could be an useful tool friend he would take him to a spic shelter where in most occasions, Gyro being Gyro didn't knew a single word until Trujillo spicced his way to the others spics.

Gyro would start recollecting his cousine ingredients™ to start heading towards to north carolina but before parting ways with his "friend" Trujillo would gift him the power to empanada and taco properly hopefully making his recipe even better. Gyro would go to North Carolina and to not be caught as a spic-italian border crosser he would pass as a scholmo. It didn't fooled the cunts arume though.

Trivia Edit

  • Gyro's background is a meme version of Halton's