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In The Series Edit

Hanako was first met in South Carolina when some resistance soldiers ambushed an Arume convoy. After a soldier tried guessing her name, she said he guessed it with "Kitty", so she used that name for a while. After spending some time as a prisoner at the South Carolina Resistance Base, she revealed her real name to be Hanako. She attempted to escape when Yami tried breaking out the prisoners at the Resistance Base.

Hanako was taken to travel with Faiths' group. after she asked a soldier to take her.

Personality Edit

Hanako always has a smug vibe when she speaks. However, she's been known to mellow out and enjoy a conversation from time-to-time. She also remains calm in most situations, like she doesn't seem fazed by imposing threats.

Appearance Edit

Hanako has long, black hair and blue eyes. She wears some camouflaged military clothes that were provided to her by the resistance. She always takes on a laid-back posture when hanging around or walking.