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In The Series Edit

Harold was first met in South Carolina. This was when he, along with Harrison and Henry, came to the aid of a group of Civilians. Shortly after, he was found out to be the acting leader at the South Carolina Resistance Base, since the previous leader, Faith, had been captured. After some time, Harold was assigned as the leader of the South Carolina base after Faith was tasked with travelling to Europe.

Personality Edit

Harolds' higher status, age, and serious look may make him seem hard to approach at first, however, he’s very sociable and likes forming strong bonds with his fellow soldiers. He also chooses wears a stern look on his face, although he’s usually very chilled out and likes to have a laugh when possible. When leading soldiers and giving mission briefs, though, he’s always composed, he takes all Resistance matters in general very seriously.

Appearance Edit

Harold is a tall, older-looking man who's always seen wearing a large fur coat over his military clothes. He has medium-length, grey hair, brown eyes, and a tame, but not too short, beard and moustache.