Background Edit

Hinata is the royal empress of the Arume empire. She had direct power over the Arume until a coup by the military branch of the Arume empire. The coup was done by a general Alice, who died during the coup at the hands of Halton. Then she and two of her sisters were captured by the resistance amidst all the chaos, and granted safety in change for cooperation to help take out the Arume stratocracy.

Before she was captured, she stayed on the Arume home planet but left thanks to one of her sisters, Izanami being taken hostage by the resistance. Izanami was able to return thanks to a prisoner trade-off. After that Hinata came to earth to see her sister and spend more time with her, which is when the coup happened.

Personality Edit

Hinata is a very calculating person, she hides this side of her behind a calm and kind personality. She had to develop this personality of hers since people were always after her throne at a young age, or trying to control her for their own means. So as a result from a young age, she always had to be careful and think ahead. She can be described as Alice, but with less sarcasm, and more kindness.

Appearance Edit

Before she was captured, Hinata's clothes changed 3 to 4 times a day. She was an empress after all, and had to look her best for different occasions. However when she was captured she wore a white t-shirt, and some shorts. She has very light blonde hair which in some lighting looks white, blue eyes, and long legs with a larger than average chest.