Background Edit

She is the younger sister of Hinata, the Empress of the Arume empire. After Hitomi's younger sister Izanami, was taken by the resistance as a prisoner, she came over from Washington DC to make sure that she could get her sister back safely and oversaw the whole operation. During a military coup by general Alice, Hitomi and her three sisters were swiftly captured by the resistance, and were held prisoner. From there they had to cooperate with them in exchange for safety.

Personality Edit

Hitomi is very assertive and easy to anger. Many times not concerned for what the other person thinks or feels, and will lash out on the people under her. Many Arume are intimidated by her presence. She does however respect loyalty however and is more kind to people that have proven their loyalty. She is known to be more brash than her elegant sister counterparts.

Appearance Edit

Hitomi has long blonde hair with hazel eyes. She has a very slim figure, but does have curves in the right places. She usually sports some kind of long sleeve shirt, a skirt, and sometimes some tights. She does not dress as well as her two other sisters, but that is because she is not as elegant as them, and instead has a more brash personality.