Background Edit

Ino. Just Ino.

An unknown Arume with incredible physical capabilities that took four trained men to hold her down. She was encountered by Logan and Mike after a private trip lead them to where she was "resting." After chasing after the two all the way to the base, despite a blizzard, her arm was broken by Logan and captured.

From what was told by Alicia, Ino is an extremely unique Arume who by all means shouldn't even be in the area near the Resistance base, but instead with the general, Chinami in Solace.

Not much could be said about her as she refuses to speak at the current moment to more than one person at a time.

Personality Edit

Cold and Apathetic. Those two simple words are what's needed to describe Ino.

A look of complete disinterest is on her face throughout the day. Many soldiers that pass by her cell have described her as giving off an aura of bleakness and fear at the moment she sets eyes on them. This has resulted in nicknames for her around base like "Spooky Bitch" by King and Cole Weiss.

Yet through all this her most frequent visitor and first person who found her, Mike, has insisted that she isn't all that bad, and says the soldiers should try to talk her more often. This has failed due to the last person who got too close ended up with a broken pinkie after he got to close.

Alicia theorizes that Ino, is like this due to the brutal life she no doubt had in the Arume forces before arriving on Earth. One to note is that she has shown small mannerisms throughout the day. She is seen doing various exercises in her cell, sleeping frequently, lack of blinking, chatting towards Mike, and shadowboxing.

Appearance Edit

Ino is incredibly pale to the point where if wasn't for her heavy snoring one may think she was a corpse off the color of her skin. She is slim yet muscular with high muscle definition.

She dresses in a completely black and white serafuku. her hair is cut short at around neck level. Her slim eyes are colored a deep red and interestingly enough her pupils instead of being black are a deep crimson.