Tiberius Alexander Jeremiah Black,JimJam, Jimbo or just Jim for short was born in Georgia, USA in 2004. Like most kids growing up in this time he lived a normal suburban life with his loving family and friends. Breezing through life easily, Jim learned to become a well and somewhat mature man under his father's tutelage. Alas, this wouldn't last as when back in 2020 the Arume invaded planet Earth and immediately conquered the USA. Now without contact to family and now living off of his wits alone Jim wandered across the southern USA, scrounging to avoid Arume eyes and to survive, until he found the Texas Resistance that provided him with a means of living by fighting the Arume.

Appearing during Season Two Episode One he began his tale by assisting with bringing down an Arume airship. While rummaging through the wreck he came across an amnesiac Arume he named Tomo, who began to rely on Jim as she was frankly stupid. Soon after he captured Private Isabelle who he kept in the same cell as Tomo. Like Tomo she lost her memories after a fight and began to rely on Jim throughout the season. Soon time passed and he began to take an interest in General Alice, but he kept his wits about himself and mostly stayed away from her.


Jim has short white hair he keeps unkempt. Standing at 6 feet and 5 inches he's one of the tallest characters within Noobverse while still keeping a slim yet muscular appearance.


Once a joyous and happy young man Jim slowly began going done a path of self-aware loathing and lack of motivation to go on as the war continued to take his toll on his young mind. His smile and optimism; gone like tears in the rain.

For why smile if life gives nothing in return? Why be smug if your achievements are all by chance? Why be perverted if your existence is marked by mockery for it? One may ask why he hasn't ended it all. The answer was that his superiority complex still remains. The sheer hatred for those who he deemed under him. Suicide is nothing more than a cowards way out of problems. If Black shall die then it will be in a blaze when the one above wills it. Until then he shall move where the path of takes him.


  • Chagrin