Background Edit

Kikko was a female nurse at the Louisiana resistance base. But little did the resistance know she was actually a spy for the Arume. She was captured during the Arume invasion and brainwashed as a test subject. While at the resistance base she developed feelings for a soldier named Dan Quake. He impregnated her and then later left her for another woman. The brainwashing left her unstable and she became obsessive over Dan. She has been seen around by any resistance members for a while, no one knows where she is.

Appearance Edit

She has long blond hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a white shirt and a dark blue skirt with thigh highs. She has a slim body type.

Personality Edit

Before the brainwashing really fucked her, she was a very normal girl, nothing special about her. After she became obsessive and one could say she even became bipolar. Her mood can change very quickly if something ticks her off. She's also a bit delusional and hard to talk to since she wont listen to anyone but herself.