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In the Series Edit

Kirino was first met at the Les Côtes Arume Base, where she acts as the Bases Leader. She helped a couple of Resistance soldiers, Geralt and Kruber, escape the base after they were captured and held there. She claimed to want to help the Resistance but didn't elaborate on the topic.

Personality Edit

Kirino is calm, almost all of the time and she speaks with a soothing, but also quite condescending voice. She's a skilled close-quarters combatant as well, but she never pulls a mean face when confronting a foe in such a situation. Despite her condescending tone, she's usually very kind and thoughtful towards others, Arume and Humans alike.

Appearance Edit

Kirino has pink-ish eyes and long, flowing, black hair. She's commonly seen wearing smart, white short dresses that bear an almost royal look. She has a well-matured body and surprisingly muscular legs and arms, yet she still retains a slim, feminine look.