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Background Edit

Lars Kintaro was born in Japan as a bastard to a high ranking member in the Yakuza by the name of Yomo Kintaro. His father was already married to someone else and kept others from finding out that Lars was his son, other than a few trusted Yakuza members. His mother was an American, Lisa Griffin, and Lars's father kept her around as a mistress. At this time Lars took his mother's surname, Griffin. Lars's father was good to him, even though Lars lived with his mother his father would visit him and spend time with him since family meant a lot to him, all this done in secret of course but he would be seen with his father around some other Yakuza members since his mother was known to be his mistress. He tried to make Lars into a man, could even be said that he preferred Lars over his own sons, since his sons were spoiled rich kids. At age 8 his mother died from an illness, so his father sent him to live with his grandmother, Yomo's mother in rural Japan all the way out in the mountains. His father would visit him a few times a year, but other than that he was raised by his grandmother.

Lars left for Tokyo when he turned 18 and said goodbye to his grandmother. He was sick of the rural life and wanted a job in the big city, also he wanted to see his father. When he arrived he was offered a job by his father and started working as a Yakuza foot-soldier. He did some MMA fights on the side since he was a judoka back when he lived with his grandmother. Now he was obviously good at fighting considering his experience in MMA and judo so he was the guy you would send to rough someone up. At this point he changed his surname to Kintaro since it was out in the open that Lars was Yomo's son. Eventually his jobs would gradually get more extreme, from roughing someone up, to killing someone, to killing multiple people. By age 21 he was a full fledged hitman. His favorite method of killing? to get up close and fight them, beating them to death or choking them. Of if there's multiple people involved, an explosion with c4, he loved c4.

Four years after arriving to Tokyo he was sent on a mission to America to kill a business man. His english was already very good since he spoke it with his mother, and then also studied it later in life so he was fluent. Unfortunately this was around the time the Arume invaded, so the airports were shutdown and he was stuck there. He still managed to kill his target but now had to survive the Arume. After about a year of moving around and scavenging he met up with the resistance. He keeps his true identity a secret still, and changed his last name to "Noobtaro" since he'd come to america with that name and a fake passport. The reason why he keeps up this identity after so long is because he just got used to it and doesn't really think about it since he was used to changing his identity for other missions, as well as his personality.

Appearance Edit

Lars has medium length black hair, and blue eyes. He's built pretty well, muscular but also lean. He tends to look more European than Japanese from his mother's side, although you can still make out some of the east asian features on his face when you know what you're looking for. When Lars first came to America he wore a stereotypical black Yakuza suit. After all this time he still keeps the suit as a memory, but doesn't wear it except the black pants and the gray dress shirt. And since it's hot, his sleeves rolled up and his top buttons opened, or just wearing a white sleeveless shirt instead. If it's cold outside then a black trench coat too. He still may wear the full suit however for special occasions, or when it's very cold with the trench coat. The suit doesn't inhibit his ability to move around since it was designed specifically for him to kill people in it.

Personality Edit

Lars's true personality is very reserved and stoic, however what we see in the thread is his character that he's been playing ever since he arrived in America, Noobtaro. Lars has taken up different personalities along with his identities since he started killing professionally. To understand the reasoning behind why he still keeps this identity up during the Arume invasion, you first must understand his motivations. Ever since Lars was young, he's always tried to win his father's favor. Compared to his half brothers and sisters he was merely a bastard, and had no right to be entangled with their Yakuza clan. So this made Lars overcompensate trying to impress not only his father but the other Yakuza members so that he can finally feel a sense of belonging. This truly motivates Lars in his job as an assassin. Now there's a couple reasons why he keeps up this character. One is his motivation to please the Yakuza. In doing so he's always been over committed to his job, making him a perfectionist in almost every aspect of it, and that includes playing the part. And he will sometimes just forget, and naturally play the part. Not that he has amnesia and that he's forgotten his true self, but that when you truly master something you can just do it without much thought, much like how a musician can play an instrument without any thought. The second reason is trauma, the pain he feels thinking about what happened to his family in Japan. A coping mechanism, he hasn't forgotten who he is and who his family is, but rather it is more comforting to think you are Noobtaro, a person that has no family to care for. But in the back of his mind he knows who he truly is, he just ignores it. The third reason, and this ties in with the first reason, is he was in America for about 2 or 3 weeks before trying to kill his target, and in that time he was playing Noobtaro. Then he kills his target, and the Arume invade, so he still keeps up the character trying to find a way back to japan. For about a month he has no luck finding a way back, all this while still keeping his character. So he's been keeping up that identity for almost two months making him even more accustomed to it than ever before.

Noobtaro is a light hearted guy that doesn't take anything too seriously. He's a joker and very playful, sometimes he goes overboard with his jokes. At times when he should be serious about something he usually isn't, this may make him seem sociopathic, and he is to a certain extent, but usually its how he deals with pain and suffering, by making it a joke.

The real Lars Kintaro is almost the complete opposite of Noobtaro. He's not very friendly to others, and usually keeps to himself trying not to bother others. He is focused on whatever objective he has, and will do whatever is necessary to complete it. He has a hard time letting go and relaxing if there's something that he has to do.