Background Edit

Not much is known about the background of Michael. All that's known is that he was a small time mobster on the east coast before the invasion. Somehow he ended up in Texas, and formed a gang in San Angelo. He and his men took a hold of the slums in that city, where most of humans lived at the time. He provided protection from other gangs to businesses, dealt drugs, prostituted women, bribed Arume soldiers and many more. After the resistance caused San Angelo to be destroyed he and his gang left and formed a small town with some of the other citizens of San Angelo. It was in Texas which was now free from the Arume so he didn't have much trouble from them. The city kept growing and eventually he let former Arume soldiers (former loyalist soldiers, also nicknamed ronin by the populace) in also. It became a safe haven for everyone, human and arume alike. Only thing was the city wasn't all that safe. It was a cutthroat place where you had to be careful.

Appearance Edit

Michael has slick black hair and rough olive skin. He usually wears a suit or at least dresses nice whenever he can. He's very well built for his age and very strong.

Personality Edit

Michael is very calm and level headed when dealing with others, but that doesn't mean he's patient. If you do something to upset him he won't show any mercy on you. He may speak in a low voice but when he opens his mouth everyone shuts up and listens to what he has to say. His calm demeanor and careful watchfulness intimidates many people. As they should be, because the reason he is so stoic and composed is that he's very carefully observing you. Seeing what type of person you are and waiting for you to slip and or show any signs of weakness. Then he knows how to act upon whatever you're interacting about.