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The Massacre of Inculta Edit

Moskva describes Inculta as a hell-hole, where her people were being enslaved and the people living there corrupt, this is true for the most part, Inculta was after all a place that went open arms to murderers, escaped convicts and bandits, which would affect the area sorrounding the town.

But was throwing the residents of Inculta to stakes and burn everything to the ground Necessary? That's up to you, but Moskva saw it necessary to show dominance.

Personality Edit

Unfalingly Polite, if not a bit arrogant, Moskva is the strategist of the Communist.

Do not question her fashion sense, rags do protect you from -30 degrees.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Moskva" is Moscow in english and "Vysotsky" is from the famous Russian bard Vladimir Vysotsky