Background Edit

So far, we can know that he's a hired killer to assasinate The Generalissimus of the Soviet Union. He would soon meet up with a human named Matias, and they would both become partners to kill Mustafa's target just to realize its location was an ambush.

Despite them being outnumbered they would survive the ambush with the help of Helena's soldiers, both Matias and Mustafa would be taken to the main Ally base, with some injuries.

Not so after they reach the ally main base, an attack led by the communist would force him to recover quickly just to defend the base, in an attemp to defend Matias he would charge at a group of enemy soldiers, just to get captured.

His location is unknown.

Appareance Edit

He wears a Fez and Sunglasses and a brown suit, making him look cool.

Personality Edit

Caring, loyal and hardworking, Mustafa is always dedicated to achieve his goals, and more importantly a greater good for his comrades, however his careless and foolish actitude make him go into danger without knowing much about the outcomes.

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