Background Edit

Logan Sullivan grew up in New York City. He was born in Ireland but came to america at the age of 6. The Arume invasion began when he was just 5 years old. His town they managed to scrape by, only being bullied by Arume patrols once a week. The place was run by a local mafia and his father was apart of it, just an average low class gangster that did jobs once in a while. The mafia and the citizens of the town usually had some skirmishes with the Arume patrols from time to time, but usually they wouldn't bother them thanks to the mafia paying them. Due to this Logan grew up with crime and murder all around him, many of his role models being gangsters. At the age of 13 he stole his first car with a couple of his friends for fun, he had a knack for driving. By the time he was 16 he was already a getaway driver for certain heists carried out by the mafia, and his friends.

As Logan grew into a man, his father slowly started rising up the ranks of the mafia. One day, when he was 19 years old, he was chosen to do a job for the mafia. The local Arume were getting tired of the town because the mafia were slowly refusing to cooperate with them, things were turning violent. A new boss was appearing in town, he was quickly rising up and this was troubling to the current mafia. This new boss had the support of the local Arume since he'd be and has been much more cooperative with them. A meeting was to be held between the local Arume, the current mafia, and the new mafia to discuss a way in which they could operate without violence. Logan's father along with his boss, and a few other high ranking men were to go to the meeting. If anything went wrong, then the men would have to get out of there and get in the getaway truck so they could drive off to safety. Logan was in charge of driving them out of there.

On the day of the meeting Logan waited near the building in his truck, 5 minutes in he hears gunshots come from the building. He doesn't know what to do, should he wait in the car for them or go help them? Eventually he decides he doesn't want to wait and goes in, however what he sees is a massacre. They were set up from the beginning. The Arume and the new boss used this opportunity to get rid of them. Logan tries to help his father and his men, but the numbers were too much. His father dies in front of his eyes, and he sees all his friends and the people that he looked up to die all around him. He quickly runs out of there, and drives off. The Arume and mafia go after him, but he manages to lose them. He couldn't stay in the town anymore since they were killing off all the members of the old mafia, and they had to either join or die. He gives a brief goodbye to his mother, sister, and girlfriend, and drives out of there. After a year of scavenging and moving around, he finally arrives in Georgia and meets the resistance. However he will never forgive what they had done to him, he still vows revenge on the boss and the Arume of that town to this day.

Appearance Edit

Logan is known for his two signature jackets that he always wears. One of them is a white silky one, that tightens around the waist and arms, with the collar popping up. The other one is a black leather, tight fitting jacket. They both fit him similar but the only difference is the color and material. He usually wears the leather one when he's out at night, or doing a mission. And the white one is his casual one that he usually wears around the base, but he will sometimes wear it during missions too. His jeans are usually just dark blue.

When he operates a car he wears brown driving gloves, and has dark brown hair with a short clean haircut. He has a buff, muscular body with wide shoulders and chest, you could almost describe it as "bear mode". Because of this he has a lot of strength so he's very good at unarmed combat, but he lacks in shooting.

Personality Edit

Usually people's first impression of Logan is that he is very quiet, or very calm. He is not quiet because he is shy, although he may get a little shy when around girls, he is quiet because he observes first then acts. When talking to people he tends to try to understand the person's motivations and reasoning, and when he figures it out he then responds accordingly, usually taking some time to think. He applies this to any situation he's in. His calmness can be tied to his experience in driving, you need to stay calm when performing fast actions or you cannot see ahead and react properly, this also adds to his combat skills since you must also have a clear head when fighting. His personality can be summed up to a calm, patient man, but when he acts, he acts with explosive energy. Much like a carnivorous predator going after its prey.

As for his motivations, his main goal is to get powerful enough so that he can go back to his home town and get revenge. And by powerful, it means to develop his own skills but also be able to become his own sort of mob boss and have men of his own to command. This is his reason for living at the moment, the Arume are only secondary, but he also has a grudge against them as most humans do. He decided to help the resistance since he has a place to stay, and because he has also taken a liking to their captain, Alicia. But in the end he only fights for himself and his motivations.

Trivia Edit

  • Logan's family actually has a very long history of fighting foreign invaders. His father fought against the Arume when they invaded, but when the humans lost he went back to his home town in New York. His grandfather, and his grandfather's father, and so on were in IRA. His family's history in the IRA can be traced all the way back to the Irish War of Independence in 1919.