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Background Edit

Vladislav grew up with his brothers, Vladim and Vladimir, as well as his sister, Alyona, in Russia. The group of siblings joined the Resistance as a tank crew when the war broke out. Vladislav was the tank's driver.

In the Series Edit

Vladislav was first met when he arrived at South Carolina as part of a T-90 tank crew, with Vladim, Vladimir, and Alyona. He, with his brothers and sister, partook in a few missions with the South Carolina group during his time there. He was selected, along with the rest of the tank crew, to join Faith on her travels to Europe.

Personality Edit

Vladislav has got a, seemingly endless, stash of vodka that he and his brothers drink and, as a result, he's almost always drunk. He always sees the funny side to any problem or enemy encounter he and his comrades find themselves in. Despite always being intoxicated, he still manages to manoeuver the tank like a pro, as if it's second nature to him.